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EIRI - Eretz Israel Records Indexing
The volunteers of the Israel Genealogical Society (IGS)have produced genealogical databases with more than 400,000 records and around 20,000 different surnames of individuals. The first of these databases were made available on a CD produced for the 2004 Jerusalem conference. Since then the IGS has continued to search for documents to enlarge this database that will cover the period of the resettlement of Eretz Israel. IGS thanks all the volunteers who have helped us in this project.
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Ottoman Empire Period

Helkat Mehokek

Index of 8,092 tombstone inscriptions found on Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem.
Please read the instructions carefully before using the search engine.  
On website as of May 31, 2009         

Montefiore Censuses

1839, 1849, 1855 Eretz Israel and 1840 Alexandria now online Oct 2010

British Proteges and Subjects

The British Consulate in Jerusalem opened its doors in 1839 as a result of increasing interest in Eretz Israel by European missionaries that coincided with the onset of immigration by Jews especially based on nationalist reasons.

Ledgers of the Mukhtarim in Jerusalem

The Ottoman Empire ruled over the Land of Israel from 1517-1917, until the area was conquered by the British during World War I
The Israeli State Archives stores 461 population registry books containing details of the citizens of Israel during the periods of 1875-1917. These books were mostly written in Ottoman Turkish language – using Arabic letters – titled “Nefus Books - Books of Persons”
Registrations were written according to the person’s religion: i.e. Muslim, Christian or Jewish

The “Books of Persons” are divided into the different categories:
• Basic and drafts copies - 378 entries
• Foreigners (non-Nationals) – 10 entries
• Sub- district ( out of the area) – 47 entries
• Mukhtars (Village Leaders) – 9 entries
• Military Personal – 17 entries
Some of the Mukhtar books were written in the Hebrew language.
For further information please visit the Israel Government Archives at

Ledgers of the Mukhtarim in Rehovot

The City of Rehovot - Introduction
Rehovot is located in the southern coastal plain. Rehovot was founded in 1890 as a rural community by the "Menuha & Nahalah" Company after purchasing the land by Yehoshua Hankin.
The name Rehovot is based on a Biblical verse Genesis Ch. 26 V. 22
He moved on from there and dug another well, and no one quarreled over it. He named it Rehovot, saying, "Now the LORD has given us room and we will flourish in the land."
In 1907 the first Yemenite immigrants arrived to Rehovot. Later they were joined by other groups of Yemenites, especially from the areas of Hidan and Sa'dah. The immigrants became quickly immersed in the local community due to their ability of working in farming, while establishing three neighborhoods: "Yemenite Neighborhood," "Sha'ariim" and "Marmurek village" (the residents of these neighborhoods do not appear in this Mukhtar book).
In 1934 Dr. Chaim Weizmann initiated the inauguration of the Ziv Institute as the core for a Central Scientific Institute servicing the needs of Israel and as part of the global scientific community. Ziv Institute has developed into the Weizmann Institute of Science. Furthermore, the home of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, later the 1st President of the State of Israel, was established in Rehovot. Additionally to the Weizmann Institute, the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University and Israel's only school of Veterinary Medicine is located in Rehovot.
In 1950 Rehovot was declared a city, and today its the 13th largest city in Israel with a population of 118,000 citizens (2011).
Thanks to its academic institutions, Rehovot has become a university city attracting scientists, researchers and students as well as high-tech industries. If in the past Rehovot was known as a city of many orchards - the orange symbol adorns the citys flag - currently the free plots of land are designated for residential construction and high-tech industries.
The neighboring cities are: in the north Nes Ziona, north-east Ramle, east and south -east Gezer Regional Council, in the south of Kiryat Ekron, south-west Regional Givat-Brenner Council, in the west Gan Raveh and Yavneh Regional Councils.

The Mukhtar Hochstein The American Citizens in Jerusalem -1917

The Mukhtar Hochstein The American Citizens in Jerusalem -1917
Aharon Hochstein was the Mukhtar (head of some quarters) of "Zichron-Moshe", "Yegia-Kapeim" and their surroundings in the period of the Ottoman and British regime.
He was born inJerusalemin the year 1879 and died in 1962.
In "Tidhar-the Encyclopedia of the Yishuv's Pioneers and Builders" was written that Aharon Hochstein was born inJerusalemto his father Benyamin Hochstein (The Rabbi of Kaminka, who was one of the Gabais (managers) of the Talmud Tora and the Yeshiva "Etz Chaim" inJerusalem.)http;//

According to the lists that he had and according to additional information he had, he used to give official confirmations signed by him with his Mukhtar seal which were recognized by the authorities of those days.
After his death his patrimony was transferred to the Jerusalem's Municipality Archive by his family members.
Link to Letter(hebrew).
World War One

Eretz Israel Refugees in Alexandria, Egypt

From December 19, 1914 to September 23, 1915, a total of 11,277 refugees from Eretz Israel reached Alexandria. This is the only list found so far.

1915 Census of Tel-Aviv

American Citizens in Eretz Israel in 1917

Based on a handwritten list of American citizens living in Jerusalem in 1917 from the US State Department.
British Mandate

Change of Names in the Palestine Gazette (1921-1948)

List of 28,256 changes of names registered in the Palestine Gazette during the British Mandate over Palestine

British Mandate Census 1922 - Petah Tikva & Tel Aviv - Jaffa

In 1922, the British undertook the first census of the mandate. At that time, the population stood at 752,048 individuals, including 589,177 Muslims, 83,790 Jews, 71,464 Christians and 7,617 persons belonging to other groups. At the moment we have only the list of Petah Tikva and Tel Aviv-Jaffa residents. TEL AVIV-JAFFA UPDATED MARCH 2010 - OPEN TO PUBLIC

Death Registry Petah Tikva 1923 - 1939

This database is completely in Hebrew and can be searched only in Hebrew. On website as on March, 25, 2010, for MEMBERS ONLY 

Americans in Palestine in 1929

List of Americans Citizens residing in Palestine in 1929 from the US State Department (1929). 

Victims of the 1929 Riots

133 victims of the 1929 riots in Jerusalem, Motza, Hebron, Tel Aviv, Beer Tuvia, Hulda, Haifa, Safed and Ein Zeitim.

1937 Book of Residents of Rehavia quarter, Jerusalem (Hebrew)

Medical Practitioners

In memory of Amnon Michlin son of Yaakov On website as of November 3, 2009 for MEMBERS ONLY  

Various Registries from the Petah Tikva Archives

On website as of November 16, 2009 for MEMBERS ONLY - Database in HEBREW only 

Hagana Women in Jerusalem

This list was written by Hadasa Berlinski  (Rabinovitch) who passed away in October 2011 in the age of 98. Hadasa joined the organization in  1929 and was an active member, commander, and an excellent weapon and Morse trainer.
Hadasa was the daughter of Second Aliya pioneers – Rivkah and  Akivah Rabinovitch who settled down inJerusalemin order to help their old parents who had come to EretzIsrael  with all their children.
State of Israel

"Portfolio of Notifications" - Name Changes in Israel 1948-1979

Between October 8, 1948, and November 18, 1979, lists were published of citizens who changed their names to Hebraize them surnames, first names, or both.

Memorials for Vanished Communities

NEW additions of Martyrs's Forest, Eshtaol - March, 2010
NEW additions of Polish Jewry Memorial Forest, Nataf - April 2010       

Portfolio of Notifications - Lists of Medical Professionals

In the Portfolio of Notifications are published different administrative announcements of the State institutions. Since September 16, 1957 to September 23, 1977 in the Portfolio of Notification" were published lists of individuals working in the Medical profession.
With the establishment of the State of Israel on the 5th of Iyar 5708 (May 14, 1948) and the establishment of the Interim government, the official newspaper was published by the state once a week and sometimes even more often; The Declaration of Independence was published in the 1st issue. Fifty issues were published until February 11th, 1949.
Since the establishment of the Permanent government of the State on February 17, 1949 the official publication is the "Portfolio of Notifications", which consists already about 6000 issues.
The Portfolio of Notifications" volumes are currently stored mainly in libraries of law faculties and in different government offices.
Starting in September 16th, 1957 until September 23rd, 1977, lists of the Medical Professionals with their address and their license number were published in the Portfolio of Notifications. Initially only Doctors (DM) names were published, however gradually were added Dentists, Dental care providers* (see Hebrew text), Pharmacists, Pharmacists Assistants and Midwives.
On February 4th, 1964 an additional list was added Specialist Doctors, where in addition to the previous information the medical specialty field was added.
For every profession in the first listing appears a general list of the professionals' names, followed by a new listing of the names added since the last issue published. From the above date (February 4th, 1963) the lists have gone through a change:
As of October 31st, 1966, the listing of the Pharmacists Assistants has been cancelled (seems the profession is no longer recognized). To the above listings additional lists have been added e.g. cancellation of licenses due to death, moving out of the State of Israel, no longer in the field and other causes.
Sometimes following the professions lists, another list appears of temporary permit holders; an estimate of 40, 000 records.

Portfolio of Notifications - Lists of Veterinary Medicine

With the establishment of the State of Israel on He Iyar Tav Shin Chet (May 15th 1948) and the formation of the temporary government an official gazette of the State of Israel started to appear - This paper was published once weekly and sometimes even more. Its first publication contained the Proclamation of the State.  50 copies were published until February 11th 1949.
With the establishment of the permanent government on February 7th 1949, they started to publish the official gazette under the name of Portfolio of publications. Until today about 7,000 brochures appeared. Various official managerial communiqués of the states departments are published in this official gazette, Portfolio of publications.
 This publication is the third and last one being taken from the Portfolio of Publications. Before that, change of family names (about 300,000 notifications) and the medical professions (about 40,000 notifications) were included. The list of the veterinary doctors is a page or pages of a larger pamphlet.  It may occur that while searching for information we come across a name that does not belong to the subject appearing on that page, in such a case, we have to side-step to the next item. Lists regarding cancellation of permits owing to death, loss, or other reasons were added to these lists . The number of such notifications is appreciated to be about 2,300.

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