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Change of Names in the Palestine Gazette (1921-1948)

List of 28,256 changes of names registered in the Palestine Gazette during the British Mandate over Palestine

During the period of the British Mandate in Palestine (1921-1948) people who legally changed their name had this information posted in the British/Palestinian publication called the "Palestine Gazette." 28,256 names were published showing the old name, new name and sometimes country of origin. Not everyone legally changed their name, perhaps fewer than 50% did so. Most of them were Jews. The names were extracted by Gary Mokotoff and the late Rabbi Shmuel Gorr in the 1980s and published on microfiche by Avotaynu. The repository is of value to genealogists who know that relatives went to Eretz Yisrael and changed their name but the new name is not known.
For the 2004 Conference, the Israel Genealogical Society has scanned these microfiches, and converted them into digital format via optical character recognition. The result is an easily accessible, searcheable database.
Project Coordinators Jean-Pierre Stroweis & Eitan Shilo

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