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1915 Census of Tel-Aviv

In the historical archives of Tel-Aviv there is a 1915 census of the first Hebrew city.  Tel-Aviv was under the Ottoman regime at that time. It has not yet been discovered who planned this census nor for what purpose. The census was conducted 6 years after the lottery of plots among the members of the "Ahuzat Beit Association" on April 11, 1909. This is considered the official date of the founding of Tel-Aviv. 
The census included the following information on the residents: family and first name, occupation, source of income, mother tongue, number of persons residing at the residence, address, and if the person was an actual resident of Tel-Aviv. In addition the census includes information on the condition of the residence: number of rooms, "bath" room, rent paid for the apartment and the name of the owner. If the rooms were shared with other people, their names are mentioned. There are a number of people listed with no residential information.
In 1915, the population of Tel-Aviv was 2,679. They spoke nine different languages, with about half of them speaking Hebrew and Yiddish.
The census was recorded in Hebrew. It has been translated into English for those researchers who lack proficiency in Hebrew. Search will yield results for both owners and tenants. Some Hebrew names were spelled differently from the way they are spelled today.
This database is the fruit of the joint efforts of Rose A. Feldman and Mathilde A. Tagger.

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