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Montefiore Censuses

1839, 1849, 1855 Eretz Israel and 1840 Alexandria now online Oct 2010

This section of the website is dedicated to the memory of Ahda Stein a"h.
The project of decoding, indexing and translation Montefiore Censuses had been completed and is online !
About Momtefiore Censuses you may learn at IGS site and in "Montefiori Endowment" site at .
Following is the Montefiore Census Project Steering Committee announcement about the completion of the project.
With the uploading of the 1875 census of the Jewish population of Eretz Israel, the 6 year project of digitizing and translating the 5 censuses of the Eretz Israel and the one-time census of the Jews of Alexandria (Egypt), has come to completion. The Censuses are owned and have been preserved, conserved and scanned by the Montefiore Endowment, a registered charity in the UK. The Montefiore Endowment commissioned the Israel Genealogy Society, and the team headed by Mathilde A. Tagger, Rose A. Feldman and Billie Stein, and assisted by 31 dedicated volunteers, to transcribe and translate in full these records of the Jewish population of the Holyland during the period 1839-1875. The census charts were compiled by the community or Kollel heads, and is divided accordingly. The data requested (but not always provided) includes name, age and place of birth of the head of household, his financial status and occupation, his wife's name, names and ages of his children, and various comments. The population came from all four corners of the Jewish diaspora, and included many well known Rabbinic families. Searches of the censuses and results are possible in both English and Hebrew. Using the advanced search option, searches can be done by a single or multiple fields, including Surname, Given name, Place of Residence, Kollel, Country of Birth, Occupation,
While there are some surnames for Ashkenazim, most are listed only by given names. It is helpful to know several family given names as results show family groupings. Spelling, too, can present a challenge, as names, which often were transliterated from the original language into Hebrew were then transliterated 150 years later into English. In addition, there is little or no consistency of spelling in the original Hebrew. There is no soundex system (to date) that serves both Sephardi and Ashkenzi names, so it is recommended to use a wild card search, using % as the wild card. The key is to be creative in searching.
The censuses can be searched on the Montefiore Endowment website at no charge, and with no need to register, at Please take a moment to read the FAQ page and also the credits on the "About" page in order to acknowledge the volunteers who made this project possible.
Mathilde A. Tagger, Rose A. Feldman and Billie Stein
Montefiore Census Project Steering Committee and Economic Status.
Montefiore Census Website & Search Engine
Abbreviations in Hebrew from the censuses and their translations
Press Release Oct 2010
Description of the project from 2008.
Powerpoint presentation of Professor Ruth Kark's lecture at the Montefiore Censuses Website & Search Engine launch in Jerusalem, Israel Oct. 3, 2010. [Hebrew]
Digitalization project of 19th cenury censuses done under the auspices of in Eretz Israel Sir Moses Montefiore Powerpoint presentation based on a lecture given at the 30th IAJGS conference in Los Angeles July 2010 by Rose Feldman
Pictures from the launching ceremony of the Montefiore census website and search engine.

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