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Ledgers of the Mukhtarim in Rehovot

The City of Rehovot - Introduction
Rehovot is located in the southern coastal plain. Rehovot was founded in 1890 as a rural community by the "Menuha & Nahalah" Company after purchasing the land by Yehoshua Hankin.
The name Rehovot is based on a Biblical verse Genesis Ch. 26 V. 22
He moved on from there and dug another well, and no one quarreled over it. He named it Rehovot, saying, "Now the LORD has given us room and we will flourish in the land."
In 1907 the first Yemenite immigrants arrived to Rehovot. Later they were joined by other groups of Yemenites, especially from the areas of Hidan and Sa'dah. The immigrants became quickly immersed in the local community due to their ability of working in farming, while establishing three neighborhoods: "Yemenite Neighborhood," "Sha'ariim" and "Marmurek village" (the residents of these neighborhoods do not appear in this Mukhtar book).
In 1934 Dr. Chaim Weizmann initiated the inauguration of the Ziv Institute as the core for a Central Scientific Institute servicing the needs of Israel and as part of the global scientific community. Ziv Institute has developed into the Weizmann Institute of Science. Furthermore, the home of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, later the 1st President of the State of Israel, was established in Rehovot. Additionally to the Weizmann Institute, the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University and Israel's only school of Veterinary Medicine is located in Rehovot.
In 1950 Rehovot was declared a city, and today its the 13th largest city in Israel with a population of 118,000 citizens (2011).
Thanks to its academic institutions, Rehovot has become a university city attracting scientists, researchers and students as well as high-tech industries. If in the past Rehovot was known as a city of many orchards - the orange symbol adorns the citys flag - currently the free plots of land are designated for residential construction and high-tech industries.
The neighboring cities are: in the north Nes Ziona, north-east Ramle, east and south -east Gezer Regional Council, in the south of Kiryat Ekron, south-west Regional Givat-Brenner Council, in the west Gan Raveh and Yavneh Regional Councils.

The Mukhtar book contains 142 pages, the odd number pages are written in Ottoman Arabic, and the even numbered pages are written in Hebrew. Here only the Hebrew pages will be listed.
The list contains the names of 170 families numbering 624 persons.
The age of the residents of Rehovot ranges from those born in 1818 to 1915. Therefore we can estimate that the book was written at the end of the Ottoman Period or after.
In the Mukhtar book the detailed professional occupations of the inhabitants are listed below in alphabetical order:
Agronomist 1; Baker 1; Farmers 62; Bath attendant 1; Builder 1:, Hotel proprietor  - 3; Real estate 3; Retailer 4; Teacher 5; Orange orchard manager (?) 1 ;Carpenter 3; Blacksmith 1;  Shoemaker 1; Barber 2; Coachman 1; Laborer - 41 Watchman 1;not specified - 30.
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