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Portfolio of Notifications - Lists of Medical Professionals

In the Portfolio of Notifications are published different administrative announcements of the State institutions. Since September 16, 1957 to September 23, 1977 in the Portfolio of Notification" were published lists of individuals working in the Medical profession.
With the establishment of the State of Israel on the 5th of Iyar 5708 (May 14, 1948) and the establishment of the Interim government, the official newspaper was published by the state once a week and sometimes even more often; The Declaration of Independence was published in the 1st issue. Fifty issues were published until February 11th, 1949.
Since the establishment of the Permanent government of the State on February 17, 1949 the official publication is the "Portfolio of Notifications", which consists already about 6000 issues.
The Portfolio of Notifications" volumes are currently stored mainly in libraries of law faculties and in different government offices.
Starting in September 16th, 1957 until September 23rd, 1977, lists of the Medical Professionals with their address and their license number were published in the Portfolio of Notifications. Initially only Doctors (DM) names were published, however gradually were added Dentists, Dental care providers* (see Hebrew text), Pharmacists, Pharmacists Assistants and Midwives.
On February 4th, 1964 an additional list was added Specialist Doctors, where in addition to the previous information the medical specialty field was added.
For every profession in the first listing appears a general list of the professionals' names, followed by a new listing of the names added since the last issue published. From the above date (February 4th, 1963) the lists have gone through a change:
As of October 31st, 1966, the listing of the Pharmacists Assistants has been cancelled (seems the profession is no longer recognized). To the above listings additional lists have been added e.g. cancellation of licenses due to death, moving out of the State of Israel, no longer in the field and other causes.
Sometimes following the professions lists, another list appears of temporary permit holders; an estimate of 40, 000 records.

Searching instructions in the Portfoio of Notifications Medical Professions:
The material was scanned by the Nevo Co. in a computer software which "Read" the printed material and translated it to enable identify the word we search.
Sometimes the program cannot identify words due to various technical reasons.
Sometimes data not applicable to Medial Professional may appear disregard and move tothe next page
  • Unusual names are easier to locate (since there are fewer names). Names like Cohen" or "Levi will come up many times where as a name like Arlozorov will come up fewer times (or come up as a name of a street).
  • Searching a name like Nadler, other versions of the spelling will come up e.g. Sandler, Mandler, Kandler, Schindler, and even an individual who lives on the street Yohanan HaSandlar
  • It is possible to type two words (in the correct order) in order to reduce the number of results.
  • It is possible to find Medical Professionals according to their location, e.g. all Health Professionals in Kiryat Shemona or in Kibbutz Dan etc.
Searching Method
  1. Click on Medical Professionals the file will upload to full size 45MB, it may take a few minutes please be patient.
  2. You will receive many pages in a PDF file , including the lists of Medical Professionals.
    The data is Hebrew ONLY.
  3. It is recomended to use Acrobat Reader as this tool gives the best search results (in comparison to other PDF readers.
  4. Click CTRL + F . on the right side of the page you will see a small window where you can type the name you are looking for; click ENTER and the cursor will jump to the first listing found - from here on you look for the specific name you are searching.
  5. You can move between the name results using the small arrows: right for forward and left for backward.
  6. You can see all search results when you click the bottom arrow.
  7. Click the small triangle and get the menu.
  8. In the menu click on the line which shows an icon of a binoculars and get on the left side of the page a menu. Type the name to search and get (after searching through 970 pages of the file) a list of results.
  9. A Click on a result record will lead you to the specific page in the original file
An Example:
  • Click "" (Landsberg) you get 3 results.
  • You can move between the results.
  • When you come across a lengthy list go to the top of the list to see the name of the profession and date the list was published.
  • It is possible that you will find a name a few times due to various listings e.g. Doctor with a temporary permit, a permanent permit and a specialist.
Special Thanks to the following Volunteers (in alphabetical order)
Amnon Atzmon Project chairperson and Ranana IGS Branch chairperson
Yizhar Azati IGS Technical webmaster
Naomi Elad Hebrew Editor
Avi Naor Consultant final collection
Tzvika Oren IsraelGenealogical Society, Webmaster Chair
Yossi Yavin Web Designer
Peninah Zilberman English Editor
Special thanks to Nevo Co. ( providing information services to Lawyers, kindly allowed us to download the listings with Medical Professionals.
Dear User,
If you found any errors, please contact me at
with your assistance we will reach a much more accurate listings.

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