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Portfolio of Notifications - Lists of Veterinary Medicine

With the establishment of the State of Israel on He Iyar Tav Shin Chet (May 15th 1948) and the formation of the temporary government an official gazette of the State of Israel started to appear - This paper was published once weekly and sometimes even more. Its first publication contained the Proclamation of the State.  50 copies were published until February 11th 1949.
With the establishment of the permanent government on February 7th 1949, they started to publish the official gazette under the name of Portfolio of publications. Until today about 7,000 brochures appeared. Various official managerial communiqués of the states departments are published in this official gazette, Portfolio of publications.
 This publication is the third and last one being taken from the Portfolio of Publications. Before that, change of family names (about 300,000 notifications) and the medical professions (about 40,000 notifications) were included. The list of the veterinary doctors is a page or pages of a larger pamphlet.  It may occur that while searching for information we come across a name that does not belong to the subject appearing on that page, in such a case, we have to side-step to the next item. Lists regarding cancellation of permits owing to death, loss, or other reasons were added to these lists . The number of such notifications is appreciated to be about 2,300.

While the first two subjects were on the website of the Portfolio of Publications for only twenty year the situation is different concerning the veterinarian medicine. As from 1949 till today the lists of the new doctors are being published in the same way. Attached hereto is a table. 
From this table we learn that when the State of Israel was established there were few Veterinary Doctors.  Up to the mid sixties only few veterinary doctors were added yearly.  As from that period their number started to grow, and it reaches to about 2,000 (as against 22 at the first days of the State!).    
In the year 1985 The Veterinary Faculty was founded at the HebrewUniversityin Jerusalemand in 1988 ahospital for animals was opened, where about 45 veterinary doctors are employed. For further information -
During the last years the veterinary profession underwent changes. It is no longer Doctor for animals but various specialization fields:  
  • Veterinary doctors for pet animals (dogs, cats, parrots, rodents, reptiles and others). 
  • Veterinary doctors for animals of the household and big animals (cows, horses, sheep, fowl, fish and other domestic animals).
  • Veterinary doctors for wild animals. Such doctors are usually employed by zoos, by authorities dealing with nature -as forestry and the like- or by aid centers for animals.
  • Veterinary doctors in the field of medical research and biotechnology. 
  • In Israel, the veterinary doctors dealing with official authorities, local or country-wide, are combined in the governmental bodies ,such as: The  authority dealing with nature (forests , ), The Health Ministry, The Agriculture and Rural Development ministry, mainly Municipalities and the local councils under their jurisdiction.
  • For further information - 

The material is scanned by the firm NEVO by means of a computer file which has read the typed material and translated it, so that we may find the word we are looking for. 
  • Sometimes, owing to various technical reasons the file is not successful to translate words.  
  • Sometimes data which is not connected with the medical professions will appear, then ignore them and continue with the next result.
  • Inasmuch  as the name is rare it will be easier to find it (there will be fewer appearances)
  • Names such as Cohen or Levy will appear many times; whereas a name like Arlozorov will appear less often (it may appear sometimes as the name of a street).
  • When looking for the name Nadler, names such Sndler, MENDLER, Candler, Schindler, and somebody in the Yohanan Hasandlar Street will appear.
  • It is possible to click two names (in the right order) a thing which  reduces the Number of names which will appear.
  • It is possible to look for the veterinary professions according to localities. For example all the veterinary professions in Kiryat Shmonah, or in Kibbutz Dan, etc.
 Click for the profession  of veterinary medicine- at this stage the Microsoft file will show you the profession of veterinary medicine. PDF pages will be       received which will contain lists of the professions of veterinary medicine.
this same page we may see different additional notifications. 
Please ignore 
  1. Click CTRL + F you will receive a small window on the right side of the page.  In this small window you can feed the name you are looking for.  Clicking ENTER will carry out the search and the arrow will jump to the first appearance it will come across.
  2. It is possible to move between the results of the search by means of the small arrows right to the front, left to the back.
  3. It is possible to open for the search a small window which shows all the results of the search in one single list. Clicking the small triangle in the small window you obtain a program. Click the program on the line where the binocular drawing is.  You will get a program on the left side of the page.
You feed the name you are looking for and you receive the list of the results. Clicking the result will move the arrow to the original file.
For example: click Greenberg and you receive 6 results, 3 doctors, 2 not doctors and 1 street.  An additional example: click Tivon and you get 10 results, 8 doctors and 2 not doctors (please ignore them). 
It is possible to skip over the results by passing between them. 
In case of a long list it is possible to upload or download to see the date the list was made.
Please be patient the file will come up shortly.
Wishing you a success in your search
 The specialist who helped with their advice and efforts to bring to life  
The material for the benefit of all public researchers:
Professor Adler Elhanan The National Library,Jerusalem.  
Dr. Hershkovitch Arnon -    Manager of the Family Roots
                                             Forum, - guided and directed.
Mr. Versano Moshe          - Owner of the firm Scan Doc
                                                      Advised, guided and simplified processes. 
Mr. Yossi Yavin               -    A Hi-tech personality for many years and
                                                         Presently active in the Organization of  
                                                         Immigrants fromDamascus(Syria) inIsrael.
                                                         He had helped, advised and guided. 
Mr. Maor Avi                   -     Created the final form of the Microsoft file. 
The company  Nevo NEVO.CO.IL.     -      Supplies knowledge and information to lawyers
                                                         and has allowed by its courtesy to reduce the
                                                         booklets which contained the of the veterinary 
Mr. Amnon Atzmon          -     Initiated the Project and carried it out 
Dr, Sheller Yohannan         -    Bar Ilan University.
Mrs. Estrea Zuckerman        -      Translation

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