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The Mukhtar Hochstein – The American Citizens in Jerusalem -1917

The Mukhtar Hochstein – The American Citizens in Jerusalem -1917
Aharon Hochstein was the Mukhtar (head of some quarters) of "Zichron-Moshe", "Yegia-Kapeim" and their surroundings in the period of the Ottoman and British regime.
He was born inJerusalemin the year 1879 and died in 1962. 
In "Tidhar-the Encyclopedia of the Yishuv's Pioneers and Builders" was written that Aharon Hochstein was born inJerusalemto his father Benyamin Hochstein (The Rabbi of Kaminka, who was one of the Gabais (managers) of the Talmud Tora and the Yeshiva "Etz Chaim" inJerusalem.)http;//

According to the lists that he had and according to additional information he had, he used to give official confirmations signed by him with his Mukhtar seal which were recognized by the authorities of those days.
After his death his patrimony was transferred to the Jerusalem's Municipality Archive by his family members.
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One list in the patrimony is the list of American citizens inJerusalemwhich was done in 1917 and includes 369 persons. All the registered are men whose average age is 32. 
The data contains given names and surnames, age of birth, age of the person in 1917 and annotations. The annotations were probably written later and part of them is not clear. In some pages of the list the age was not mentioned. The surfer may calculate the age which is the remainder between 1917 and the year of birth.

Another interesting detail is the appearance of Christians in the lists. This is indicated in the annotation.
The lists were given to the Jerusalem
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