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Hagana Women in Jerusalem

This list was written by Hadasa Berlinski  (Rabinovitch) who passed away in October 2011 in the age of 98. Hadasa joined the organization in  1929 and was an active member, commander, and an excellent weapon and Morse trainer.
Hadasa was the daughter of Second Aliya pioneers – Rivkah and  Akivah Rabinovitch who settled down inJerusalemin order to help their old parents who had come to EretzIsrael  with all their children.

While the mother's sisters – Zipora Zeid, Keile Giladi and Ester Kuzlovski – joined the "Hashomer Organization",  Hadasa who grew up inJerusalem, joined the "Hagana Organization" there. From a very  young age Hadsa was a volunteer in the "Hagana" and contributed to the Zionist activity.
In a later stage she settled down in Kibutz "Kfar-Giladi", but when she married, she returned toJerusalemand worked there for many years at Prim Minister's Ministry.
The list was found by her daughter Batia Carmon among letters, diaries and a lot of documents she had gathered.
The list was probably written in the end of the seventies and did not include a number of women Hagana members who had died before.
Batia Carmon – who delivered the Hagana members' list which her mother had prepared and who wrote the foreword.
Nili Yuval – who helped producing the information
Amnon Atzmon – who edited and published the list
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