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IGS Members are part of IAJGS Awards Committee

IAJGS Achievement Awards
Mark Halpern, Philadelphia JGS Past President, Program Chair of the 29th IAJGS International Conference held in Philadelphia, JRI Poland Board member, will be chairing the Achievement Awards Committee. Mark will be joined by Paul Cheifitz of Israel formerly of South Africa very active in genealogy, the Latvian SIG and South Africa; Jan Meisels Allen , IAJGS Board Member and PRAMC chairman and  JGSCV President; Laurence Harris of England a former chairman of the JGS of Great Britain and Michael Brenner IAJG Vice President for Membership.
Paul Cheifetz
Paul Cheifitz
The Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant  
Hadassah Lipsius, JGS of New York Executive member, JRI-Poland Board member and Co-chair of the IAJGS International Conference in New York will be chairing the Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant Committee joined by Lea Gedalia of Israel, a past IGS Secretary & Jerusalem Chair, Day Seminar Chair and by Heidi Urich President of the JGS of Greater Boston
Lea Gedalia
Lea Gedalia

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