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IGS Trip to Safed April 6, 2011

The IGS had a group trip to Safed on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. The purpose of the trip was to deepen our knowledge on the subjects of settlement and aliyah to the land of Israel, introduction to the museums and archives in Safed, and an introduction to Jewish living in Safed in the last centuries.
We had a licensed tour guide travelling with us who gave explanations during the drive and also inside the city of Safed about the history of the city of Safed, its institutions and the generations of families who lived in the wonderful Jewish Quarter, much of which still exists today.
We visited the Beit Meiri Museum and the Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry. In both museums we were guided by the museum director.  We divided into two groups to allow us to experience each museum more fully and explore the museum and archives.
Due to the rain we were not able to walk around the ancient synagogues in Safed.
We had 56 participants on the trip. According to the feedback we received, it was instructive, useful and enjoyable.
We hope to have additional interesting trips throughout the country in the future.
Lecture at the Memorial Museum of the Hungarian Speaking Jewry
Reconstructed synagogue at Lecture at the Memorial Museum of the Hungarian Speaking Jewry
Lunch at a resturant in Safed
Beit Hameiri
Explanation at Beit Hameiri
Beit Hameiri
Safed in the clouds

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