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Info-center and Info-librarian IGS

Vision and future direction of activities
By Mariana Kronfeld
The Information Center (IC) in each branch of the IGS will provide the researcher the elementary and basic genealogic information. The Information will assist the researcher in the first steps by supplying tools and preliminary knowledge in the sense of – "And now go and study".
Since located in Israel, the IC will collect and offer genealogic information on "Israel" – Jewish People and names, sites and history. The information will be accessible in two formats: one is books and printed material; and most of it as online information.
The IC will be consisting of four portals (gateways): the Core portal, the Pedigree (family tree) portal, the IGS portal and the Israel portal.
The Core portal will contain prominent and basic genealogy materials; the Pedigree portal will include family trees researches, notable families' books and sites' materials; the IGS portal will comprise of genealogy research sources from Israel and abroad; the Israel portal will contain sources of information and genealogy resources found in Israel.
The virtual IC will be located in IGS website. The IC will be catalogued according to the same categories and with additional online information. The indexed catalogue will be available online as well as printed. Some IC online materials will be exclusively available to members of the IGS.
The Info-librarian (IL) will assist the researchers in detecting, searching and orientating throughout the elementary genealogic information. In addition, the IL will make the info more accessible and will simplify complicated information.
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Mariana Kronfeld is the IGS Info-librarian and is in charge of the Jerusalem branch IC and library.

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