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The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center - Or Yehuda- Museum & Archive

Address: 83 Mordechai Ben Porat Ave, Or Yehuda    GET MAP
Mailing address: POB 151 Or Yehuda 602610
Phone:   972-3-5339278  
Fax: 972-3-533-9936
The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center is both a Research Institute and a Museum, with an impressive collection of ethnographic material, Judaica, archival documents, books and manuscripts. The BJHC publishes research work and journals, organizes exhibitions and holds cultural events and conferences. It has strong ties with Jews of Iraqi origin both in Israel and in the Diaspora, and is in the process of compiling an extensive genealogical database of families originating in Iraq.

The library is open to the public. Today the library consists of 10,000 listed items: 2500 books (450 of which published or used in Iraq), 2500 articles, 2500 cuttings from journals and around 40 manuscripts.

"The Scribe", JOURNAL OF BABYLONIAN JEWRY each issue has a family tree.
Photo copies of the "Jewish Chronicle", 1840-today, about 1500 articles
"Midrash Ben Ish Hai", New York Iraqi communities

Community Records including vital records
Community histories; newspaper articles; Complete archive of "Vaad Ha'eida Ha'bavlit, Jerusalem", 1920s, including family list and lists of needy; "Makor Shemot" (Source of Names), Volume 1, 1910; Jewish tax lists, beginning 20th century ; from Burmese Iraqi community, Lists of Circumcisions and Deaths; from Bombay Iraqi community, Marriage lists (at Yad Ben Zvi); original marriage certificates (ketubot) from the 19th century till 1950.

Photograph Collections:
There are more than 7,000 photographs and a large number of documents relating to the life of Jews in Iraq such as pastimes, entertainment, clothing, and the cycle of life: birth, circumcision, Bar Mitzva and marriage.
In the past two years the Center has received some 600 pictures connected with the Underground Pioneer Movement in Iraq. These photographs are currently being documented and catalogued.

Collection on Genealogy and family history
Bekhor family is online on the website
Dangoor family is online on the website
There are between 10-100 family trees which are indexed but not computerized.

Name Indexes
Makor Hashemot. Vol. 1, 1910

Hevra Kaddisha of the Babylonian Community in Jerusalem, burial lists till the 1950s. After that the lists are in the Jerusalem Hevra Kadisha. 
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