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Tel Aviv & Central Section of Israel

From Netanya-Kedumin (east west) to Netanya-Ashdod (north south)

Tel Aviv
Diaspora Museum - The Nachum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora including the Douglas E. Goldman Genealogy Center - Tel-Aviv University
The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Center for the Media of the Jewish People - Tel-Aviv University
Damascus Jewry Organization in Israel   Tel-Aviv
Gnazim - The Asher Barash Bio-Bibliographical Institute about Hebrew Writers
Haganah History Archives - website in Hebrew
Jabotinsky Institute in Israel - Archive
The Israeli Documentation Center for the Performing Arts (IDCPA) - Archive - Tel-Aviv University
Archive of the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel
The Pinchas Lavon Institue for Labour Movement Research - Archive - website in Hebrew
Rambam Library, Beit Ariela - Library -no website
S.L. Shneiderman Archives at the Diaspora Research Institute Tel-Aviv Univeristy
Tel Aviv - Yaffo Municipal Historical Archives
The Aviezer Yellin Archives of Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora - Tel-Aviv University

 Central Area (not including Tel Aviv)
Archive Moshav Zofit  - blog in Hebrew  
The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center - Or Yehuda
Beit Avraham Krinitzi Museum & Archive for the History of Ramat Gan - website in Hebrew
Library, Yad Vashem - The Interantional School for Holocaust Studies, Givatayim Branch
Institute for the Study of Holocaust "Massuah" near Netanya and Beit Yehushua
Israel Defense forces Archives, Ministry of Defense - Tel Hashomer
Kiddush Hashem Archives - Bnei Braq
Archives of the Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel
The Libyan Jews Heritage Center - Or Yehuda
The Moshe Sharett Israel Labor Party Archives - Beit Berel
Oded Yarkoni Archives to the History of Petakh Tikvah no website
Yad Le Zehava (Holocaust Research Institute) Kedumim (Samaria)
Yad Tabenkin Archives Ramat Efal
The Yemenite Jewish Heritage House Rosh Haayin
Dr. Zerah Warhaftig Institute for the Research on Religious Zionism - Bar Ilan University,
                       Ramat Gan, website in Hebrew

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