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Eretz Israel

From the Ottoman Period through the State of Israel
Archive Moshav Zofit  - blog in Hebrew  
"BeNetivei Ha'apalah" The Illegal Immigration Detention Camp Atlit
Beit Avraham Krinitzi Museum & Archive for the History of Ramat Gan - website in Hebrew
Beit Fischer - Municipal Museum of Kiryat Ata (HEB)
Central Zionist Archives Jerusalem
Dor Le Dor - Kiryat Bialik and Fifth Aliyah  Kiryat Bialik (HEB)
Gnazim - The Asher Barash Bio-Bibliographical Institute about Hebrew Writers
Haganah History Archives Tel Aviv, website in Hebrew
Haifa Municipal Archvies website in Hebrew
Israel Defence Forces Archives, Ministry of Defence Tel Hashomer
Israel State Archives Jerusalem, website in Hebrew
The Israeli Documentation Center for the Performng Arts (IDCPA) Tel-Aviv University
The Israeli Labor Movement - non partisen site
The Moshe Sharett Israel Labor Party Archives - Beit Berel
Jerusalem Municipal Archive no website
Jewish Battalions Museum (Beit Hagedudim) near Netanya
The "Khan" Musem Hadera
Kolel Galicia or "Kolel Hibat Yerusalayim" Jerusalem
Museum of Gedera and the Bilu Gedera
Museum "Liberman House" - Nahariya
The Petach Tikvah Municipal Archives no website
The Pinchas Lavon Institute for Labour Movement Research Tel-Aviv
The Religious Kibbutz Movement (Hakibbutz Hadati) Archive Kibbutz Yavne
The Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS) - virtual
Tel-Aviv - Yaffo Municipal Historical Archive
Tuviyahu Archives of the Negev Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva website in Hebrew
Yad Tabenkin Archives Ramat Efal
Yad Yaari Kibutz research Center & Kibutz Haartzi Movement Archive Givat Haviva

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