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The Database of Memorials for Vanished Communities is a collection of photographs of memorials in Israel to those communities that vanished during the Holocaust and upon the foundation of the State of Israel.The project began in 2003 and is an ongoing project. This is an updated version of the database which was originally prepared for the 24th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy held in Jerusalem in 2004.. These memorials are located mainly in cemeteries - mostly in Holon - but they can be found in other locations as well. Some are grouped in cemeteries, whereas others are found in isolated locations. Some of the monuments memorialize two or more communities in a region.
The project team has used with much appreciation Where Once We Walked (2002) as well as the JewishGen Communities Database for defining the actual names of the localities and their geographic locations.
IGS thanks Ellen Stepak, project leader, with special thanks to Chana Furman andall the volunteers who have helped us in making this project possible.
Search Instructions and suggestions:
1. The search can be done bytown name, region name, or country; near town, country, or
location ofthe monument in Israel.
2. Places can be listedwith different spellings depending on pronunciation in the native
language or in Yiddish.
3. The search can be done by
"is exactly"
"starts with" (minimum 3 letters),
"contains"(minimum 3 letters).
4. Thesearch can also be done by thename of the community in Hebrew.
5. If you know that there is a monument in Israel but can't find it by its name, try searching
by the name of the country where the community would be today.
6. Try different spellings for the places.
The results appear on a separate page.
Click on "Link" in the right column to see additional informationincluding at least one picture of the memorial. After reading the additional information, you can click onthe "back arrow"to close the page with the picture.
We would appreciate comments and/or corrections, if you think you have discovered an error in our identification of a memorial. If you know of inadvertently overlooked cenotaphs please let us know by sending a photo and full description to webmaster@isragen.org.il .
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Searching the Memorials of Vanished Communities in One Step
Vanished Community (Town, Region or Country) is exactly   starts with   contains
Near Town is exactly   starts with   contains
Region or Gubernia is exactly   starts with   contains
Vanished Community (Hebrew alphabet) is exactly   starts with   contains
Monument Location in Israel

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