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Calendar of Events

Date Name of Event Lecturer Place of Event Info More
29 Apr 2014
Gathering 18:30 התכנסות; Lecture 19:00 הרצאה
A combined branch meeting (Haifa & north together with Tivon) - holocaust day עברית Nathan Cohen and more   The institute for holocaust studies on the name of Chedva Ivashevitz. Hatichon 39 st. Neve Shaanan Haifa  
30 Apr 2014
Gathering 18:30 התכנסות; Lecture 19:00 הרצאה
Petach Tikva and vicinity Branch meeting (The Frenkel family & the Jewish community in Holland) עברית Liora Livni Cohen and Edith Margalit Hecht   Kfar Ganim Library. Haazmaut st. 44 Petach Tikva  
21 May 2014
Gathering 18:30 התכנסות; Lecture 19:00 הרצאה
Tel Aviv - Dan branch - monthly meeting: 1) The historical maps of Cadasar. 2) Daily life of families in Levov English/עברית 1) Marla Osborn Raucher. 2) Dr. Eli Brauner  

Shaar Zion library, Beit Ariela, Shaul Hamelech st. 25 Tel Aviv

09 Jun 2014

From 16:00 to 20:00

מ 16:00 עד 20:00

Genealogical conference in Rishon Le′tzion Museum celebrating the reopening of the new IGS chapter עברית To be published at later stage   The auditorium of Rishon Lezion museum  

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