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Calendar of Events

Date Name of Event Lecturer Place of Event Info More
10 Apr 2014

Gathering 18:00 התכנסות; Lecture 18:30 הרצאה

Shorashim Bagalil - Kiryat Tivon Branch - Documenting the Jewish cemetray in Lubachov English/עברית Eva Florshaim from Norway   Yad Labanim. Hamigdal st. Kiryat Tivon  
30 Apr 2014
Gathering 18:30 התכנסות; Lecture 19:00 הרצאה
Petach Tikva and vicinity Branch meeting (The Frenkel family & the Jewish community in Holland) עברית Liora Livni Cohen and Edith Margalit Hecht   Kfar Ganim Library. Haazmaut st. 44 Petach Tikva  
21 May 2014
Gathering 18:30 התכנסות; Lecture 19:00 הרצאה
Tel Aviv - Dan branch - monthly meeting: 1) The historical maps of Cadasar. 2) Daily life of families in Levov עברית 1) Marla Osborn Raucher. 2) Dr. Eli Brauner  

Shaar Zion library, Beit Ariela, Shaul Hamelech st. 25 Tel Aviv

09 Jun 2014

From 16:00 to 20:00

מ 16:00 עד 20:00

Genealogical conference in Rishon Le′tzion Museum celebrating the reopening of the new IGS chapter עברית To be published at later stage   The auditorium of Rishon Lezion museum  

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