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Aids: British Mandate

Encyclopedia of Founders and Builders of Israel by David Tidhar

The books by David Tidhar have been scanned and are now on the internet. There is a search engine in Hebrew and in English. The search engine in English is for names and it transliterates them into Hebrew. All the text is in Hebrew.

Historical Jewish Press - Early Eretz Israel Press & State of Israel Press

This site contains a collection of Jewish newspapers published in various countries, languages, and time periods. Digital versions of each newspaper are displayed, making it possible to view the papers in their original layout. Full-text search is also available for all content published over the course of each newspaper’s publication. It includes papers in English and Hebrew.

Directories for the Mandate Period

This list is based upon materials found available in the Aleph catalogue of the universities and colleges, and the Tel-Aviv public libraries.

Telephone Directories - British Mandate Period & State of Israel

Polish Aliyah Passports - Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Project

Database of 3,754 Polish passports issued during the 1930s to Polish citizens going to what was then British Mandate Palestine.   

Aliyat Hanoar Children Coming to Israel after the World War II 

URLs and Additional Information prepared by Eva Floersheim, November 2003 and revised in January 2009

Aliyah Bet Projects

Para-Military Links & Military Links for the Mandate Period

Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites

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