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Information Resources about Israelis in Israel after 1948 & about Jews in pre-state Israel (English)

There is a wide variety of resources available in Israel for searching for people who live, or lived here. Some of these resources exist in Hebrew only.

We recommend using these resources. The main ones are listed below:

1. Burial Societies
People who filled out pages of testimony for Yad Vashem usually included their addresses. Since many of these pages date from the fifties, one can conclude that many of these witnesses are no longer alive. One can apply to the burial societies where they lived to see if there are records of burial. See the list of burial societies arranged by place and ethnic and sect (e.g. Hasidim) groups at the website of the Israel Genealogical Society in:
When searching for information one should have, at least, surname, forenames, fathers name, place of residence.
It is recommended not to include unnecessary details. The burial society records have a wealth of data, e.g. who gave notice of death, names of relatives, etc.
You may access the list of all the burial societies in Israel at:
The PDF file of burial societies which was prepared in 2004:
In English:List of Hevra Kadisha through out Israel (2004)
2. Telephone Directory 144
Go to: . Available in Hebrew only.

3. Bituah Leumi (Israel Social Security)
One can apply for information with a letter giving reasons for inquiry. Bituah Leumi is not required to respond, but, depending upon the person reading the letter, sometimes one can receive assistance. The site for Bituah Leumi and its branches is:

4.Ministry of the Interior
Enter via the Israel Government site
You may print out forms at:

5.Central Zionist Archives
The archives has files of Search for Relatives, After one makes an inquiry, the archives staff searches the files. These files are not available for public search. Send requests for information to:
Central Zionist Archives
POB 92
Jerusalem 91000
Fax In Israel:02-6204837
From abroad:972-2-6204837

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