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Aids: State of Israel

"Portfolio of Notifications" - Names Changes

Between October 8, 1948, and November 18, 1979, lists were published of citizens who changed their names to Hebraize them surnames, first names, or both.

Information Resources about Israelis in Israel after 1948 & about Jews in pre-state Israel (English)

There is a wide variety of resources available in Israel for searching for people who live, or lived here. Some of these resources exist in Hebrew only.

Information onBurialsin the State of Israel

A number of cemeteries in Israel have started to computerize their listings. At those cemeteries that have completed the process, a computer can be found at the entrance to the cemetery for use by the public.

Kibutz and Settlements Archives on Internet - 100 years

The website is in Hebrew

Registration of Willis in Israel

LaKarov v′ Larahok Index

A bi-weekly newspaper published between June 28, 1945 and August 17, 1947 by the Jewish Agency's Search Bureau for Missing Relatives. This is an index of 73 issues.

Immigrant Associations and Organizations in Israel

A list kept by theCouncil of Immigrant Associations inIsrael.

Historical Jewish Press - Early Eretz Israel Press & State of Israel Press

New Limitations from the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Access

Military Links for the State of Israel

Israel Phone Book in English

This is a phone book of Israel in English, and includes many variation of spelling for first and last names.

Telephone Directories - British Mandate Period & State of Israel

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