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"Portfolio of Notifications" - Names Changes

Between October 8, 1948, and November 18, 1979, lists were published of citizens who changed their names to Hebraize them – surnames, first names, or both.
With the birth of Israel on May 14, 1948, and with the establishment of an interim government, the "official newspaper" of the State of Israel began to be published, usually once a week and sometimes more frequently. In the newspaper, state announcements were published. Fifty editions were published up to February 11, 1949.  
With the establishment of a regular government on February 17, 1949, the newspaper began to be published under the name "Portfolio of Notifications" ("Yalkut Hapirsumim"), a name it bears until today. More than 6,000 editions have been published since then. All the editions were bound into thick covers and are mostly stored today in university legal faculties and in various government departments. In the "Portfolio of Notifications" are various administrative announcements by state institutions. 
Between October 8, 1948, and November 18, 1979, lists were published of citizens who changed their names to Hebraize them – surnames, first names, or both. The lists also contain details about the person whose name was changed. The structure of these lists changed over the years to add more details which are of interest to researchers, including addresses and identity numbers. Starting from January 2, 1962, the lists also contain the names of women whose names changed after marriage.  
These name change lists were titled "Choice of a Name." It is estimated that the names of more than 300,000 Israeli citizens are in the lists.
Specialists who helped with their advice and with efforts to bring these materials to light for the benefit of the research public are:
  • Professor Elhanan Adler – National Library,Jerusalem.
  • Dr. Arnon Hershkovitz – Manager of the "Family Roots" forum, who guided and instructed.
  • Moshe Versano – Owner of the Scan-Doc company, who advised, guided, and simplified processes.
  • Shaun Waksman – Prepared the materials for uploading to the Internet and stored them in his database.
  • Yossi Yavin – Computer specialist of many years' experience and active in the organization of emigrants fromDamascus, who assisted and guided.
  • Avi Naor – Created the final file.
  • The Nevo company – – Information service company for lawyers which allowed the downloading of the booklets containing the name change lists.
  • Dr. Yohanan Sheller – Bar-IlanUniversity.
  • Amnon Atzmon – Initiated the project and set it in action.
  • The material was scanned by the Nevo company by a software program that "reads" the printed pages and "translates" them to enable users to find a specific word.
  • Sometimes this "translation" process was unsuccessful for technical reasons.
  • Sometimes details feature which are unconnected to the name changes; in such cases simply continue to the next page.
  •  The less common a name is, the easier it is to find. Names such as Cohen and Levy feature hundreds of times, while a name such as Arlozorov is much rarer (and sometimes will return as the name of a street).
  • Entering two words will return fewer hits. In such cases, the two words will appear on each page (not necessarily next to one another).
  • If there are fewer than 50 hits, the page will appear one after another in succession.
  • If there are more than 50 hits, the results will state how many there are, and they must be entered one at a time.
How to search
Enter the name (or Names) in Hebrew Letter Only and press "Search."
A new window will open with the the page/s in which your search name was found. The word or words which were searched will appear in blue backround.

The page is a copy of the original page and contains the date of publication, the name, and other details such as the identity number and address. Move through the pages until the desired one is found.
The pages can be saved as a PDF file to your local directory.
Happy hunting!


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