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Pictures from the launching ceremony of the Montefiore Census Website & Search Engine

This section of the website is dedicated to the memory of Ahda Stein a"h.
 Entrance to Auditorium
 Volunteers awaiting the ceremony
Prof. Daniel Wagner
 Prof. Daniel Wagner, Master of Ceremonies
Michael Mathilde Rosie Billie
 Michael Goldstein, IGS president handing the awards of
acknowledement to the team leaders
Mathilde Rosie Billie
 Left to right: Team leaders - Mathilde Tagger,
Rose Feldman & Billie Stein

 Montefiore Censuses Project volunteers from 2008-2010
Prof. Ruth Kark
 Prof. Ruth Kark, guest speaker
Prof. Daniel Wagner
 Prof. Daniel Wagner intorducing the explanation of the the project
and the search engine

Mathilde Tagger
 Mathilde Tagger explaining the Montefiore Censuses Project
Rose Feldman
 Rose Feldman explain the use of the search engine
and how to read the results

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