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Books by IGS Members

Amir, Peretz. This is the History of the Amir Family. 1999. (Hebrew)
Artom Rossi, Elena. GLI ARTOM: Storia di una famiglia della Comunità ebraica di Asti attraverso le sue generazioni (XVI-XX secolo) . @ 1997 Silvio Zamorani ed., Corso San Maurizio 25 - 10124 Torino (Italia) 261 pp + genealogy 30 pp. (Italian) 
Baleson Juter, Beryl. The Yuter Family - Our Common Ancestor. not for sale
Covo, Joseph. The Jews of Ruschuk, Bulgaria, Between East and West. Tel Aviv, 2002. 208p. (Hebrew) 
Covo, Joseph. VENTURA- Name, Family, Background and History. Hertzliyah, 2006. 35p. (Hebrew with summary in English) 
Davidovits, Menashe. Memorial Book of the Jewish Community of Satoraljaujhelv [Hungary]. Ramat haSharon, 2003. (In Hebrew, Hungarian and English)
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Freedman, Chaim. Beit Rabbanan : Sources of Rabbinical Genealogy. Petach Tikvah, 2001. 69p.
Freedman, Chaim. Eliyahu's branches: the descendants of the Vilna Gaon (of blessed and saintly memory) and his family. Teaneck , Avotaynu. 1997. 685p.
Holtzman, Ada. Meir Holcman - Memoirs. Tel-Aviv, personal publication 1999. 
Holtzman, Ada. The Jewish Cemetery of WARTA (D'WORT). Tel-Aviv, Teud Betei Almin Publishers 2006.    
Isaacs, Joseph E. From Slough to Netanya: Joe's Experiences and Memoirs. Netanya, 2004. 158 pages. not for sale Contact author for information.
Lerer Cohen, Rose & Issroff, Saul. Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945: A Book of Remembrance. Jerusalem, Gefen Publishing House Ltd. 2002. 4 volumes.
Lev-Zion, Martha. Taking Tamar. Avotaynu, 2006. 
Lewin, Harold & Miriam. Marriage Records of the Great Synagogue- London 1791-1885. Jerusalem, 2004. 700p.
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Rafaeli, Esther. The Modest Genius - Reb Aisel Harif. Jerusalem, Oct. 2004. 368 p. 
This is the second, up-dated edition of Ms. Rafaeli's book "Rabbi Aisel Harif, His Life and His Sayings," which was published in Jerusalem, 1991. This is a biography of her great great grandfather and family memoir, including extensive genealogical charts. 
Ramon, Esther. The Homburger Family from Karlsruhe: A Family Study 1674-1990. Jerusalem, Posner & Sons, 1992. 183p.
Sfadia Avraham, Tree's Branches between Arom-Zova and  Safed, Tel-Aviv, 2009. 300p. and 22 family trees (Hebrew)  "קורות העץ - בין ארם צובא לצפת", דברי הימים של יהודי חלב מימי "שיבת ציון"

Stepak Ellen, We Were All Klutzes*: The Story of a Lithuanian Family. Tel-Aviv, 2009.
*and Bergers, Hurwitzes, Klings, Pelises, Steinbergs, Wilcks, etc.
Stepak Ellen with the assistance of others, The Werthan Family of Rotenburg an der Fulda Hesse Kassel. Tel-Aviv, 2010.  
About the Werthan family and related branches, including the APFEL family of Bebra, and the GOTTHELF (GODHELP) Family of Hofgeismar.
Other families related to the Werthans: FLOERSHEIM, of Rotenburg and the vicinity, GOLDSCHMIDT, Gudensberg, HESKEL, Abterode, KAISER, Heinebach, KATZENSTEIN, Rotenburg, LINZ, Rotenburg, ROSENTHAL (YASHUVI), Feldhausen, on the Dutch/German border
Additional towns:
Nashville, Tennessee, USA, from the mid-19th century
Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois, USA, from about 1870

Tagger, Mathilde & Kerem, Yitzchak Guidebook of Sephardic & Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel. Teaneck, NJ, Avotanynu, 2006.   This book has received Honorable Mention in the annual Reference Book Award of the Association of Jewish Libraries.
Tagger, Mathilde. Printed books on Jewish Cemeteries in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem, Updated version (2004) of an annotated bibliography. Jerusalem, Israel Genealogical Society, 1997.
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Tagger, Mathilde. Moyal Ludger; Oran-Auschwitz. Jerusalem, 1995. (French with added Hebrew introduction).
Tagger, Mathilde. Indices to "Ben Naim, Yosef. Malkhei Rabanan. Jerusalem, 1931". Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, 1995.
(Hebrew) [Indices to Morocco Most Important Rabbis]
Tagger, Mathilde. Indices to "Cohen, Benyamin Rafael. Malkhei Tarshish. Netivot, 1986." Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, 1994.
(Hebrew) [Indices to Tunisia Most Important Rabbis]
Tagger, Mathilde. A Guide to Jerusalem Libraries. Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, 1982. (Hebrew & English). 
Tal (Toledano), Yaacov. Descendants of Daniel Toledano. Tel Aviv, 1999, 309p. + 45 Family trees (Hebrew). New edition printed in 2008.
Taub, Itzhak. Open to Me the Gates of Righteousness. Docostory Ltd. 2004. 220p.(Hebrew) Written with the help of Avihu Yanai 
Wagner, Daniel and MichelPaulette Wagner: A Book of Days. Nes Ziona, 2008. 77p.
On the life of Paulette Wagner nee Krell, mother of Daniel and Michel Wagner, who passed away on May 11, 1998 in Brussels, Belgium.
Wagner Daniel, ed. Images of Jewish Families from Zdunska Wola: The
Halperin Collection. Rehovot, 2008/ 157p.
משפחות יהודיות מהעיירה זדונסקה וולה;אוסף תמונות על שם אלטר הלפרין
Yaari, Benyamin. Jewish cemeteries of Krzepice - Dobrodzien . Holon, 2003. 88p.
Yaari, Benyamin. Jewish cemeteries of Chrzanow - Trzebina . Holon, 2002. 119p.
Yaari, Benyamin. Jewish cemetery of Szydlowiec . Holon, 2002. 159p.
Yaari, Benyamin. The Jewish cemetery Tomaszow-Mazowiecki. Tel-Aviv, The Organization of Descedants from Tomaszow-Mazowiecki, 1996. 127p.

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