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Directories for the Mandate Period

The period of the Mandate government in Palestine extended from 1918(?) till 1948, with the official records being either in Hebrew or English. This list is based upon materials found in the Aleph catalogue of the universities and colleges, and the Tel-Aviv public libraries. Since not all public and educational institutions use the Aleph catalogue, there may be additional copies of these publications found elsewhere. The language of the documents was decided upon by the purpose of the document. The list is organized according to the earliest available issue of the publication IGS has found. Additional issues of the same publication that have been found are listed together with the first issue.

1920 - The Palestine directory: commercial, industrial, administrative and private addresses, adopted by the administrations of the state

1926/27 - 1938 - Blue Book

1930-31 - British Directory of Egypt, Palestine and the Sudan

1931 - Civil Service list

1932 - The Palestine Directory and Handbook

1934 - Directory of Jewish industry and handicrafts in Palestine

1934 - Directory of Palestine′s industries, merchants and Professions (German)

1935/36 - Palestine journal

1936 - List of Medical Practitioners, Dentists, Dental Practitioners, Pharmacists, Assistant Pharmacists, Midwives and Veterinary Surgeons (in English)

1937 - ספר האישים: לקסיקון ארצישראלי

1938 - Directory of manufacturers′ agents in Palestine

1938 - Register of Commerce and industry in Palestine [journal]

המדריך הכללי הישראלי - 1938 

1939 - Gershon Ben′s import ID directory for Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Turkey

המדריך הכללי הארץ-ישראל 1941

1944/45 - Palestine industry [journal] official directory

1945 - The Near and Middle East who’s who

After 1947 known as Palestine Personalia. This issue also know as Palestine & Transjordan who's who

1947 - Palestine Personalia

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