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Searching your Jewish Ancestors from Poland

A list of suggested Internet links

History (basic facts)

Typing Polish and Cyrillic characters



D-M Soundex

Find a town

Find a surname

Jewish Records Indexing-Poland

Jewish Vital Records of Kingdom of Poland (Congress Poland)

Jewish Vital Records of Galicia

Inventories of Archival Resources

Holocaust Memorials and Archives


Database of Polish Citizens repressed by the Nazis (Polish / English)

Database of Polish Citizens victims of the Soviet repression (Karta Project)
Concentration and Extermination Camps in Poland:
Concentration and Extermination Camps in Germany:
Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
Jewish Cemeteries in Poland
Warsaw Cemetery
Lodz Cemetery
Special Interest Groups
Kielce-Radom SIG
Krakow Research
Genealogy Indexer (Logan Kleinwaks's search tool through scanned documents)
Yizkor Books
Military Records

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